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4-Steps to Forming an Engineering Project Research Team Quickly & Securely

Updated: May 16

Building a strong research team is a pivotal aspect of any successful vision engineering project for ensuring innovation and growth. But in today's competitive and data-sensitive landscape, it's equally important to approach the formation of this team securely. At Vision Elements, we help our clients build their vision engineering research teams quickly and efficiently, so that they can focus on their products and projects, by using a clear process that involves the following four steps.

  1. Confidentiality Fire Wall

  2. Aligning on Agile Epics

  3. Scheduling and Budget

  4. Purchase Order and Kick-off

hiring a research team

Step 1: Confidentiality Fire Wall

The very first step in building your research team is to establish a Confidentiality Fire Wall. Your proof of concept (POC) team will be entrusted with your most sensitive and valuable assets, making confidentiality an utmost priority. At Vision Elements, we take this responsibility seriously and provide contractual assurances that you can rely on us with the highest level of trust. We understand that the success of your vision engineering project depends on safeguarding your confidential information, and we make it our mission to protect it as if it were our own.

Step 2: Aligning on Agile Epics

In the world of engineering and research, planning is essential, but so is agility. This means that while we do create plans, we also understand that change is an integral part of the research process and it is not necessarily a bad thing. Embracing change and adaptability is not just a value but a core principle. Agile epics allow us to adjust our strategies as necessary, ensuring that we can navigate unforeseen challenges and opportunities efficiently.

Step 3: Scheduling and Budget

Staying true to the agile mindset, we adhere to agile scheduling and budgeting concepts instead of predefining milestones and statements of work (SOWs). Our approach allows us to work dynamically, adjusting timelines and budgets as needed. This flexibility is vital in the ever-evolving field of engineering research, ensuring that your project remains on track and within budget without the constraints of rigid plans.

Step 4: Purchase Order and Kick-off

Finally, we streamline the formalities associated with starting the vision engineering research project with this final step. Unlike traditional approaches that might require complex Master Services Agreements (MSAs), we operate on a retainer basis, simplifying the process. Our goal is to make it quick and easy for you to initiate the project, so you can start realizing the benefits of your research team without unnecessary delays or complications. This rings true if you are forming a brand new team or adding support to an existing project.


Establishing a research team for your engineering project is a crucial undertaking that must be handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. At Vision Elements, we are committed to helping you form a team or compliment existing team structures, that not only ensures the success and innovation of your project but also prioritizes security and confidentiality.

By following our four-step process, which includes building a Confidentiality Fire Wall, Aligning on Agile Epics, Scheduling and Budget, and simplifying the Purchase Order and Kick-off procedures, we aim to provide you with a quick, seamless and most importantly, secure vision engineering research team formation experience. Your project's success is our success, and we're here to support you every step of the way.


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