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Vision Elements and Data Compass AI Join Forces to Address Growing Demand for Data Science Services

Updated: 4 days ago

[Boston, August 9, 2023] - Vision Elements and Data Compass AI are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership to address the ever-increasing demand for data science services. By combining their respective strengths and expertise, the two companies aim to deliver comprehensive and innovative data science solutions to clients worldwide.

Data Compass AI offers a wide range of expertise in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Time Series Analysis, Signal Processing, and Structured Data. With an unparalleled ability to handle various data types, Data Compass AI offers invaluable insights and assistance to clients across diverse projects involving data. From end-to-end project execution to high-level consultation, their services are designed to meet the most challenging data-related demands.

"Through this strategic partnership, Vision Elements enhances its ability to provide top-tier vision engineering services," said Guy Lavi, CEO of Vision Elements. "Data Compass's proficiency in data science aligns perfectly with our vision engineering capabilities, making them an ideal partner for us."

The collaboration between Vision Elements and Data Compass AI will result in an expanded range of services that cater to an array of industries and sectors. Both companies envision this strategic partnership as a stepping stone toward future growth and expansion. As part of their long-term strategy, they are actively exploring the possibility of merging their operations under one roof, aiming to foster even greater synergy between the companies, streamlining operations and further enhancing the value they deliver to their clients.

"We believe that our partnership marks the beginning of a wonderful journey for both our companies," stated Dori Gaton, Founder of Data Compass AI. "The potential merger represents an exciting opportunity to combine our strengths and amplify our impact in the AI landscape."

About Vision Elements:

Vision Elements enables companies to expedite and de-risk product development by strengthening an existing team with experienced computer vision engineers and data scientists, allowing its clients to hire complete, organic teams to ramp up projects within a couple of weeks. Scaling up or down, the development pace is set according to the project and the company’s timeline, milestones, and constraints.

As an official NVIDIA AI Solution Advisor (SA) in the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN), Vision Elements offer support and expertise to research, solve and implement core methodology specific to NVIDIA’s technology platforms, including DeepStream SDK, Omniverse, Metropolis, TAO toolkit, Clara, Maxine, and others.

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or contact: Yaron Naor,

About Data Compass AI:

Data Compass AI is a data science firm with expertise in all data types, that provides services to companies and startups at all stages. Their data-driven approach enables businesses to unlock the full potential of their data and achieve remarkable results. The value you get from Data Compass is an agile workforce of experts, without the need for training or onboarding processes, that can integrate into existing projects, create POCs, expedite R&D, or adjust to practically any capacity and form of work.

For more information, please visit our LinkedIn page:


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