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Data Scientists from Vision Elements Accelerate Research for a Game Changing Medical Device

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Late-stage start-up hires data scientists from Vision Elements as an integral part of their development team


Customer developed an intra-procedural, image-based device, deriving physiology information for real-time decision making in interventional cardiology. It is a late-stage startup, selling to catheterization laboratories in the US, EU, and Japan.


  • Vision Elements joined the customer in their early days for concept generation and proof of principle. Data scientists from Vision Elements were an integral part of its research and development team, doing white board equations and lab experiments as well as real-time working products, deployed in dozens of leading hospitals around the world.

  • The technical challenge for the customer’s device involved deep learning of multiple x-ray angiograms, real-time 3D reconstruction of artery trees, and blood flow analyses. All running in the cath lab while a patient is diagnosed.


All of the core AI algorithms for the image-based device were developed by Vision Elements data scientists – from sketches to operational code. Vision Elements led the development of the real-time AI engine and contributed to the drafting of most of the patents in the customer’s portfolio.

Angiogram-based reconstruction of coronary vascular tree and automatic flow analysis to extract fractional flow reserve for intraprocedural decision making


Over the years, the customer benefited from the flexibility that is needed in a long-term, research-savvy project, while getting the most cutting-edge algorithms to enable its flagship product. They were able to scale their development up or down with Vision Elements data scientists, based on the changing needs of the product.

  • The IP developed for the project was 100% assigned to the client.

  • Proof of principle research performed by Vision Elements has been the core enabler for the client’s technology.

  • Code libraries developed by Vision Elements data scientists are at the heart of the client’s real-time device.


  • The real-time device has performed thousands of procedures around the world.

  • The technology is considered a game changer, turning invasive measurements to ones based on remote sensing alone.

  • Annual revenues generated from device sales exceeded $10m after 3 years in the market.

  • The company was able to get their project to market in a timely and cost-effective manner by hiring Vision Elements data scientists for the period of time that they needed them.


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