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Get a cohesive team ramping up
in a couple of weeks

Vision Elements provides expertise in computational sciences. Any scientific or engineering problem that requires modeling, simulation, or optimization for extraction of information, reconstruction of source events, prediction, and deep understanding of situations, can benefit from teaming up with our passionate leaders. For over fifteen years Vision Elements supports teams with missions in computer vision, signal processing, deep learning, fluid dynamics, smart cities, astronomy, medical devices, augmented reality, robotics, and more.

Clients can hire an ad-hoc team to assist in solving new proof-of-concept problems, strengthen existing groups, and ignite with little ramp up time. For some, Vision Elements serves as a full early-stage R&D team. Flexibility is orders-of-magnitude higher, allowing to carefully manage the budget, and deliver faster. Running for long distances, some clients find Vision Elements to be their long-term backbone. In a world of constantly changing working environments, Vision Elements is committed to continuously meet the expectations of its clients to generate value at the core.

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

MSc, Managing Partner

Guy Lavi

Guy Lavi, Managing Partner at Vision Elements

Guy is the Founder of Vision Elements. A Technion alumni with over 25 years in computational sciences. Guy was Co-Founder and CEO of CathWorks, the developer of a real-time remote-sensing-based device for Interventional Cardiology. 

PhD, Partner

Asaf Shimshoviz

Guy Lavi, Managing Partner at Vision Elements

Asaf is a former chess champion. His PhD in Physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science revolved around the solution of the Schrodinger equation in quantum mechanics. Asaf is the inventor of patents in the field of image compression. 

MSc, Associate

Ori Noked

Guy Lavi, Managing Partner at Vision Elements

Ori is an experienced computer vision data scientist. He has a background in the field of Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience and Electrical Engineering.

Operations Manager

Danielle Shenkar

Guy Lavi, Managing Partner at Vision Elements

Danielle has a background in project management. She spent many years in the fields of congress and conference management for pharmaceuticals before broadening her horizons to operations management.

MSc, Partner

Adi Dafni

Guy Lavi, Managing Partner at Vision Elements

Adi holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a MSc in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University. Adi worked for IBM's Research Lab and for Applied Materials, before joining Vision Elements in 2015. 

MSc, Partner

Hila Blecher-Segev

Guy Lavi, Managing Partner at Vision Elements

Hila has over fifteen years in developing algorithms for computer vision, 3D geometry and deep learning. After relocating to the US, Hila joined an innovative VR\AR startup affiliated with the University of Illinois. Earlier in her career she worked for RAFAEL and was part of the Earth and Planetary Image Facility affiliated with NASA. 

MBA, Business Development

Yaron Naor

Yaron Noar-12-Edit_edited_edited_edited.

An innovation-driven sales and business development leader and technology evangelist with 25+ years in taking SW based solutions to market. Yaron earned an International MBA from Aalto University in Finland, and is now a lead mentor for new tech ventures at the MIT-VMS program in Cambridge. 

595 Lincoln Ave

Palo Alto

CA 94301, USA 

200 Willow Street


MA 02132, USA 

3 Rapaport St. 

Kfar Saba

4465141, Israel 

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