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Vision Elements Joins NVIDIA Partner Network as an AI Solution Advisor Consultant

Updated: May 8, 2023

August,18, 2022 — Vision Elements (VE), a leading computational and AI software development firm, today announced it has joined the NVIDIA Partner Network as an AI Solution Advisor Consultant partner. Already part of the NVIDIA Inception and Metropolis programs, Vision Elements in this new role will be enabled to serve a wider range of NVIDIA (NVDA (NASDAQ)) customers and partners across industries around the world. Through its deep knowledge of mathematical and physical modeling, Vision Elements will expedite customers’ product development plans and go-to-market strategies.

“Vision Elements, in the AI Solution Advisor role as part of the NVIDIA Partner Network, will be available to help companies tackle challenges and realize their visions of taking high performance computing to a new level,” said Guy Lavi, Vision Elements Founder and Managing Partner. “We are excited to share our deep experience of developing products that require data processing to help companies solve hard problems, prove feasibility and prototype their core technology.”

"From AI-driven simulations to data science to video analytics and more, accelerated computing is helping solve the world’s most complex challenges,” said Craig Weinstein, Vice President of the Americas Partner Organization at NVIDIA. “Vision Elements’ computing expertise and professional support will help customers build NVIDIA-accelerated solutions to power innovation.”

The Vision Elements team brings over 100 years of accumulated experience in electro optics, computer vision, remote sensing, signal processing and artificial intelligence. VE’s clients cover a wide range of sectors: medical imaging, homeland security, satellite and aerial imaging, consumer applications, industrial inspection and more. Committed to helping clients meet their challenges — and building upon academic knowledge with industrial experience in various artificial intelligence and computer vision fields to develop custom end-to-end technology solutions — VE has made significant development and R&D contributions to companies that have exceeded in aggregate $2B in M&A transactions.

About Vision Elements Vision Elements enables companies to expedite and de-risk product development by strengthening an existing team with experienced computer vision engineers and data scientists, allowing its clients to hire complete, organic teams to ramp up projects within a couple of weeks. Scaling up or down, the development pace is set according to the project and company’s timeline, milestones, and constraints. For more information, please visit or contact: Yaron Naor,


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