Machine Learning & Deep Learning Services

In the age of connectivity, new technological advancements have unlocked the potential for new possibilities in every industry. At Vision Elements, we provide a wide range of machine learning & deep learning services to help businesses in all industries identify previously undiscovered patterns from data to monitor, analyze and predict behavior, and perform actions without human intervention.

We’ve worked with clients in a number of different industries to develop complex machine learning & deep learning algorithms, including medical imaging, homeland security, satellite and aerial imaging, consumer, industrial inspection and more.

Our team of machine learning experts can help you develop a supervised or unsupervised algorithm for your business, and can also work with pre-trained models through transfer learning schemes. We accomplish this by helping you build, train, validate, optimize, deploy, and test machine learning models using the latest technologies.


With our vast experience in building machine & deep learning algorithms for clients in a variety of industries, including robotics, medical imaging, autonomous driving, and more, we’ve developed expertise in many areas of machine learning – signal processing, video processing, detection, tracking, segmentation as well as data fusion and image registration.


We can leverage the latest tools and technologies to help you develop a machine & deep learning algorithm tailored to your business’s specific needs. Our technological expertise includes work with the following tools, but is not limited to them:

• Python
• PyTorch
• TensorFlow
• C++/C#


Amazon Machine Learning

If you’re already hosting your offering on AWS, you can benefit from the use of Amazon Machine Learning. At Vision Elements, we can help you manage your AWS infrastructure to help you make full use of the features Amazon offers.

Google Machine Learning

If you’re interested in leveraging the potential of Google’s machine learning offerings, we can help with this, too. This can be used to analyze data and predict results.

Azure Machine Learning

Azure has tools that can help you build features for your business to predict and forecast future outcomes. At Vision Elements, we can help you make full use of this.


Deep learning techniques can extract more information from a variety of images, which was unattainable using traditional image processing methods. Starting from images classification, precise segmentation and detection of objects and landmarks. Optimized design of deep learning networks can unravel information that is sometimes hard to detect even by experts, such as landmarks in noisy medical images. Our team has the expertise to tailor the correct custom deep learning model for each application and complement it with additional computer vision tools to achieve the optimal solution for each project.

Video Sequence Analysis

Deep learning is taking the role of traditional video-tracking techniques such as optical flow. Networks with memory components, such as LSTM, allow precise detection and tracking of multiple objects in a video sequence. Examples vary from autonomous driving to tracking medical devices as well as moving organs in preoperative videos and during surgery.

3D imaging

The recent advances in computational resources allow an improved analysis of 3D imaging. Whether it is medical imaging modality, such as MRI or CT, or point-cloud 3D models acquired by aerial imaging, our team has the expertise to develop dedicated networks and algorithms for classification, detection and segmentation.


Text analysis can be used to gather data from a set of text. Natural Language Processing is how a computer can actually understand that data. Natural Language Processing can help your business automate the process of understanding what users are typing on a large scale so you can make data driven decisions on how to improve your offerings.