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Vision Elements Secures Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) Grant for 'Haile-Scale' Program

Updated: Feb 7

Google and Reichman Tech School and Vision Elements empower Israeli-Ethiopian entrepreneurs with their ‘Haile-Scale’ program.

Vision Elements has recently won the prestigious Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) grant for the ‘Haile-Scale’ entrepreneurship and acceleration program. This groundbreaking program is designed to empower and accelerate entrepreneurship among Israelis of Ethiopian origin, fostering a new wave of technological innovators in Israel's high-tech landscape. The core vision of ‘Haile-Scale’ is to provide a nurturing space and launchpad for Ethiopian technological entrepreneurs, ensuring equal access to opportunities for capital creation and enabling them to reach their maximum potential within Israel's thriving Hi-Tech industry, with a mission centered on delivering substantial returns on capital.

Google and Reichman Tech School and Vision Elements have come together to run the 'Haile-Scale' entrepreneurship program with the goal of developing and fostering diversity and inclusion within Israel's entrepreneurial ecosystem. The ‘Haile-Scale’ program is part of a bigger vision of the ‘Haile’ Fund, a new dedicated VC that invests in ventures of Israeli-Ethiopian founders, led by Solomon Geveye, an Israeli-Ethiopian entrepreneur.

Vision Elements, the recipient of the IIA grant, specializes in artificial intelligence and computer vision, offering a spectrum of development and algorithmic services to companies in Israel and abroad. Through the ‘Haile-Scale’ program, Vision Elements will be enabled to deliver hands-on training and skill-building in various entrepreneurial facets, priming talented young adults for lucrative employment opportunities and future triumphs. The grant is a real opportunity for companies to invest in training employees and incorporating candidates from diverse backgrounds to foster out-of-the-box thinking and novel problem-solving approaches.

According to Dror Bin, CEO of the Innovation Authority, “the State of Israel sees the high-tech industry as the engine of growth for the Israeli economy that integrates all sectors and populations in Israeli society. The goal of the IIA is to increase the number of Ethiopians employed in high-tech and create economic and social change for them as part of strengthening and diversifying Israeli high-tech. The quick integration of graduates of these programs will be one of the most important steps in reducing the long-term shortage of high-tech tech personnel."

Vision Elements is committed to playing a role in the fostering of diversity, innovation, and empowerment within Israel's entrepreneurial landscape. As the ‘Haile-Scale’ program takes flight, it promises to be a catalyst for transformative change, unlocking the untapped potential of Israeli-Ethiopian entrepreneurs and steering them toward success in the tech sphere.


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