Vision Elements’ data scientists share their ideas and knowledge in the following blog articles. Topics such as AI applications, computer vision practices, machine learning & deep learning models are covered below.

What is AI? 15 Common Questions, Answered
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Artificial intelligence, also called AI, is revolutionizing nearly every sector of society. As time goes on, more companies […]
Matlab, Python and How to Best Combine Between Them
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As data scientists and computer vision specialists, the most prominent tools we use are Matlab and Python. In […]
What is Computer Vision and How is it Changing the World?
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It is no secret that computer vision is rapidly changing our lives. Images and videos are an integral […]
Three or Two? How to choose the network dimension for volumetric data
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Considerations for using 3D convolutional neural network vs. a 2D network analyzing slice-by-slice.
Migrating deep learning models across platforms
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Although deep learning models are usually based on a single platform, some cases require the usage of different platforms. Learn how to migrate models across platforms.
How to use AI in Medical Imaging
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AI plays a major part in the medical world. Learn about medical imaging and its fascinating applications.